Communication of merger through incorporation according to the articles 2501 and subsequents of the C.C.
From the 1st of October 2013, TESLA srl will be merged through incorporation into the Company DAB PUMPS SPA. We would like to underline that this is merely a legal operation and does not preclude in any way the relation of partnership that has been established between us over the years. Moreover we do believe that this transaction not only strengthens our business relationship but also will bring us an added value. The TESLA brand, with its historical know-how on design and development of submersible motors for pump applications, will keep on being present into DWT Group.

Tesla Submersible Motors will be one of the exhibitors in 2012 NGWA EXPO in Las Vegas(4th - 7th December 2012). You will find us in booth 473

Tesla Submersible Motors together with DAB PUMPS will be present in Milano Expocomfort from 27 to 30 march 2012 in pad.14 stand C92-C100-A97-A10

Tesla Tr Series and more
In the download section you can find our preliminary catalogue about NEW Tesla rewindable motors from 6" to 12"

ISH 2009 - Frankfurt
Tesla will be present in the 2009 ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt from 10th to 14th March. The stand will be 9.1 C44 together with all the DWT group.

-> gets a new look
New TESLA website is now online. Reflecting the new and more modern look of Tesla, the website has been fully re-designed, to allow an immediate access to products technical sheet. The download section, at the moment under construction, will be soon ready, with all the newest technical and commercial documents.

it is with great pleasure that we wish to inform you that our complete assortment of 4 canned type submersible motors do meet the cCSAus as per the safety standard of CSA C22.2 No. 100-04 and UL 1004. Do not hesitate to contact our offices for more details. The official document will be available shortly in our web site.

Submersible motor 4 TW series

4 series high performance water filled submersible motors complete with starting capacitor. Encapsulated stator filled with inert gas avoiding the inflation of the inner casing and damages to rotor and shaft. This technology ensures that the motor can always be repaired. Lubrication of the motor and thrust bearing system is guaranteed by a water+glycol mixture; the motors are supported by Kingsbury type thrust bearing pads which ensure high axial thrust; all the motors are provided with a removable cable connector.
 Flange    4" NEMA
 Insulation Class    F
 Degree of protection    IP68
 Rated ambient temp.    35 C
 Cooling flow    min. 0.3 m/s
 Voltage tolerance    6% / - 10%
 Max starts    20/h
 Max operating depth    300 m
 Axial thrust    2000 N

 All Tesla motors are provided with removable cable connector. This solution allows fast assembly/disassembly of the hydraulic part and facilitates maintenance operations.   
 Kingsbury type thrust bearing unit consisting of tilting pads made of highly-resistant stainless steel and machined by Tesla using the spherical lapping process; this machining guarantees to this strategic component high reliability and high resistance to axial load.   
 Die cast aluminium rotor with shaft end made of AISI 431 stainless steel.   
 Running capacitor inserted in a sturdy case made of high density plastic material, electrically isolated by means of epoxy resin  

 P2    P2    Voltage    I n    I avv    P1    rpm    Tn    Ts    cosφ    Eff.    C     Axial Thrust    Length    Weight    Cable    Cable  
 HP    KW    V    A    A    W    n    Nm    Nm        η %    µF    N    mm    Kg    mm2    L m   
 0,5    0,37    1 ~ 230 V    3,3    9    740    2820    1,2    0,9    0,97    50    16    2000    405    7,3    4 x 1,5     1,7  
 0,75    0,55    1 ~ 230 V    4,6    15    1000    2820    1,9    1,3    0,94    56    20    2000    435    8,5    4 x 1,5     1,7  
 1    0,75    1 ~ 230 V    6,2    20    1300    2820    2,5    1,6    0,92    58    25    2000    455    9,3    4 x 1,5     1,7  
 1,5    1,1    1 ~ 230 V    8,6    31    1820    2830    3,8    2,6    0,92    62    35    2000    500    11,3    4 x 1,5     1,7  

 Int. and external sleeve    Stainless steel    AISI 304 L  
 Shaft end    Stainless steel    AISI 304   
 Upper bracket    Cast iron      
 Bracket cover    Stainless steel    AISI 304  
 Lip seal    Rubber    NBR  
 Gasket    Rubber    NBR  
 Lower cover     Teflon plated cast iron      
 Diaphram    Rubber    EPDM  
 Capacitor case    Plastic    Noryl  
 Thrust bearing    Stainless steel-graphite      
 Valve    Stainless steel    AISI 304  
 Cable    Gomma / Rubber    EPDM  
 Connector plug    Stainless steel    AISI 316  
 Sand guard (fixed-removable)    Rubber    NBR  
 Bolts & screws    Stainless steel    AISI 304  
 Cooling liquid    Antifreeze+water      

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